Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who speaks for Catholics?


Maybe we have judged Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan a bit to harshly. Who are we to judge anyway. That is not our place. We do not really care for their blog style and we are offended by their remarks about Catholics, the Virgin Mary and people of Faith. We are sure however we could find common ground with them though. Should the staff who brought these two aboard at the Edwards Campaign have googled these two a bit more - yes.

Is John Edwards an anti Catholic? No - no candidate out there is speaking to some of the issues central to Catholic Teaching like Edwards is. Sure we have some candidates pushing the usual wedge issues. Edwards however is talking about the least of these and promoting an agenda that address's the ills of poverty and equality.

Who speaks for Catholics? We do not. Amanda and Melissa do not. John Edwards does not. Nor do Pharasees like William Donohue, Deal Hudson, Mark Shea, Amy Wellborn, Michelle Malkin, Craig Richardson and Dave Hartline. However the Vatican does. The USCCB does. Your Diocesan Bishop does. And you local Parish Priest does. We await the statement of the official Church on this matter - if it even matters to them. We suspect organizations like the "Catholic" League that put such trivial matters on the front page in the name of the Church are more of an embarrassment to the Church than a help.

The "Catholic" League - What is interesting here is the use of "Catholic". It gives one the impression that this organization is legitimate. It is a 501c3 and employees people who are Catholic. However it is not an official organization within the Catholic Church. It has been suggested that its use of the term "Catholic" is a violation of Canon Law - however we discovered that the organization got its 501c3 under the USCCB sponsorship years ago before that loophole was closed. Interesting since Uncle Bill and his cronies often disparage the USCCB. The term "Catholic" according to Canon law should be reserved for official organizations of the Church. The "Catholic League" is not an official organization of the Catholic Church, nor do they speak as an official voice of the church.

So why does William Donohue get so much attention? He makes himself available to the lazy media. We have discussed this with several producers and booker's. Uncle Bill does a great job of getting his press release out and making himself available to the media. Often they (the media) are not presented with an alternative voice. Because of today's fast pace - the media often does not seek out an alternative voice. Uncle Bill also brings entertainment and controversy. This is at times is more important that presenting the facts in today's media.

So while Uncle Bill does not bring an authentic Catholic voice to the media - he does bring controversy and entertainment. He is not much different than Hulk Hogan.

Prior to William Donohue, the Catholic League provided a useful service to Catholics. Now it has become the vehicle for William Donohues off color bigoted remarks and a way to promote his neo conservative political agenda. A review of his archive of press releases will provide little that is truly Catholic. One will find much division and hatred though.

William Donohue is a great fan of the Mel Gibson movie the "Passion" . We remind Uncle Bill of the scene in the garden where Peter raises his sword against the Roman soldiers. Jesus said "Peter, put up thy sword". Instead of hate and division, we remind Uncle Bill that what is central to the Catholic faith is the good news of the gospel, love, non violence and "forgiveness".

Can you imagine the uproar if Sam Brownback has some anti Gays on his payroll?

Are we not a diverse nation? A tolerant nation?

What is a Catholic to do?